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The registration process must be completed using a computer with a University of Melbourne IP address. You need to be either on campus, or connected via the University's VPN, when you register. Once registered you may use SciFinder on or off campus via the link above. See the following for information about the VPN for staffand for students. 1. Any device, any time, anywhere. myUniApps gives students online access to a variety of applications hosted by the University.It can be accessed via any web browser on any web-enabled device, including iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad, Windows Phone, Linux, Android and more. The Bachelor of Agriculture provides students with a sound understanding of the structure and operation of agricultural production industries of Australia, as As a student at the University of Melbourne, you can enjoy free online access to the latest Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications. These include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and others. Refer to the FAQs page for Microsoft Office 365 to learn how you can subscribe to this service and install applications on your system and mobile devices.

Short answer: no and no, long answer: see below. My understanding is that torrenting isn't permitted and VPN won't work due to AD. Also given that you're at the no1 University in Australia and torrents are typically used to circumvent IP (intellectual property) it's probably not going to look good toward your academic and/or professional aspirations

Unimelb AnyConnect VPN on Ubuntu 18.04. Information Technolgy Services provide a simple to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for all students and staff at The University of Melbourne. This service allows a remote user to access network services hosted on campus that are unavailable to hosts not on a local university network, these might typically include multi-user servers, file shares and intranet sites.

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JavaScript is required. Enable JavaScript to use OAM Server. Address: ; Enter your University credentials (username and password) Domain: student or unimelb (for staff) Visit This takes you to a web page where you can log on to myUniApps with your University login details (username and password).