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IPSec Path MTU is a way of dealing with IPSec packet fragmentation. The Data Link layer imposes an upper limit on the size of the packets that can be sent across the physical network, the Maximum Transmission Unit, or MTU. Before sending a packet, the TCP/IP stack of the operating system queries the local interface to obtain its MTU. Jun 10, 2013 · Using a standard Windows command prompt and ping using the -f flag is a quick and easy way to diagnose MTU and fragmentation issues across a VPN tunnel. * It appears from the support documentation for this particular wireless vendor that the MTU size should be 1450 by default which should take into account at least some overhead and explains Jun 18, 2010 · Yes, it will be a problem. At 1450, there will be a greater loss with IPSec overhead. Get both ends to agree on MTU, that way appropriate fragmentation can occur, without actually being a fragment (in the overlaying protocol). Packet Transport and Fragmentation If you use a GRE tunnel to connect your IPsec source with your remote destination, setting the don’t fragment (DF) bit in the IP datagram header is not enough to ensure transport of whole packets through the GRE tunnel required as part of the CNA VPN configuration. The default MTU for VRAs is 1492 bytes, therefore if the WAN link has an MTU that is less than 1492, fragmentation will occur and this issue will result. Zerto support can assist using VRA ping tests to determine the actual MTU if the value is unknown. Zerto support is also needed to persistently reconfigure the VRA MTU values. TIP: Change the MTU size after determining the optimum MTU size in order to prevent unnecessary fragmentation. Refer the following article to determine the optimum MTU value: Determining the MTU Value for Your Internet Connection. Fragment non-VPN outbound packets larger than this Interface's MTU. Click Manage in the top navigation menu. IKE fragmentation example DPD example Antivirus General options Real-time protection On-Demand scans VPN tunnel and script (macOS)

Public KB - KB21481 - How is the Network Connect / Pulse Configuring IPSec VPN Fragmentation and MTU The Cisco IOS software supports several types of configurable maximum transmission unit (MTU) options at various levels of the protocol stack. You should ensure that all MTU values are consistent to avoid unnecessary fragmentation of packets.

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