Silver grass is very cost efficient, especially considering its dramatic effect on a property’s landscaping and growing ease. We offer the following pricing chart for your convenience: 1-50 rhizomes = $4.00/rhizome; 51-100 rhizomes = $3.50/rhizome; 101-500 rhizomes = $3.00/rhizome (+FREE Shipping!) 501+ rhizomes = Please call for pricing.

This is the best part about silver grass: these plants are extremely low maintenance. The first year they should be watered if the ground dries out, like you would water your garden. We add grass fertilizer when planting. After they are established the second year they … Fastest & Tallest Growing Ornamental Grasses | Home … Use tall ornamental grasses for privacy hedges, screens or focal points. Whether you want a lush, spare or tropical look, fast-growing grass varieties meet the mark. Giant Silvergrass (Miscanathus Best Ornamental Grasses For Creating A Screen Plume Raven Grass-Saccharum ravennae. Plume Raven is the Pampas grass of zone five. It has a wider blade than Maiden and is a little more pale green. The grass gets six to eight feet tall and four to six feet wide, b ut it shoots up a plume in September that gets up to twelve feet high. The plume is purplish when it first comes out then it 13 Terrific Tall Grasses | HGTV 2 days ago · Pampas grass is known for its large, showy flower plumes, which appear in late summer. ‘Pumila’ is a dwarf version that grows 4 to 6 feet tall and only 3 to 4 feet wide. Flower heads are still large and fluffy, though, perfect for dried arrangements. Pampas grass can be …

2019-11-20 · Grass chain link fence offers more privacy with the strong security properties of chain link fencing . It is decorative compared to traditional chain link fences . For export inquiries please contact: Istanbul/Turkey. We have exports to all over the world.

Tall grasses in a large grouping can be a perfect solution for screening an unpleasant view. For best effect, choose tall species such as big bluestem (it can reach 6 feet or more), moor grass (it can reach 7 feet or more), or ravennagrass (it can reach 12 feet or more). Modesto Artificial Grass ("Modesto Artificial Grass") operates and may operate other websites. It is Modesto Artificial Grass' policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our websites. Below is a listing of all the ornamental grass varieties we carry that are cold hardy and will grow in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6a and/or 6b, where winter temperatures can go down to as low as 10 below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Rest assured, when you buy zone 6 perennial grass plants online from Wilson Bros Gardens we safely ship the Grass Pad Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the personal privacy of its web site visitors and as such will not send unsolicited junk or spam email to you as a result of visiting any Grass Pad Inc. website unless you specifically request that such as data in email form be sent.

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Ornamental grass offers a low-maintenance alternative to hedges and shrubs. These care-free plants typically require minimal water, no fertilizer and provide a privacy screen in small clumps or