However, the nature of this dysfunction has varied considerably. The early years of independence in 1991-94 were the worst. This was a period marked by complete chaos in government with no competence to be found anywhere. Things stabilized under President Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s only two-term president, and a certain order was established.

about nord ukraine Історія компанії NORD - українська компанія, виробник крупнопобутової техніки та торгового холодильного обладнання. Nord Stream 2: A Trap for Ukraine | Warsaw Institute Nord Stream 2 is a political project targeted at Ukraine, among others. It is an essential element of Russia’s anti-Ukrainian strategy and a tool to eliminate Kiev from the European gas transit system. This would be a severe political and financial blow to the Ukrainian state. Lubmin, Germany, March 16, 2019. Ukrainian historical regions - Wikipedia

Feb 25, 2019

Nord Stream-2 vs Ukraine transit: Costs should decide Despite statements from Ukraine’s Naftogaz, the competitive disadvantage that Ukraine has compared with Nord Stream and the planned Nord Stream 2 pipelines is quite stark: in 2015 the net cost for Gazprom to ship 39 bcm of gas through Nord Stream to Germany’s Baltic Coast worked out at €1.86 per 1,000 scm per 100 km. Nord Stream 2: why Ukraine and Poland are against it

Russian gas pipeline divides the West and 'punishes' Ukraine

Ukraine decries Nord Stream 2 approval, says it weakens Oct 31, 2019