With the "Home Network only" option, a VPN client can access only the Home Network through the VPN Service. If you want to access the Internet sites or services with a geographic limitation when you are out of the country, you have to select the option "All sites on the Internet & Home Network". Please note that once you have selected this

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How to use OpenVPN to access your home network through the

Select the VPN Service option (sometimes found in the Advanced Settings menu) Enable the VPN Service; Go to your settings to ensure all clients (an umbrella term for the end device, user or software that will be using the VPN) can access the home network and all internet sites through the VPN … VPN for Home - SoftEther VPN Project

Apr 14, 2020

For example, I set up an installation OpenVPN once with the internal VPN network on 192.168.27. This was all fine and dandy until a hotel used that subnet for floor 27 on their wifi. I re-IP'd the VPN network to a 172.16 network, since that seems to be all but unused by hotels and internet café's.