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How to configure iOS OpenVPN client with certificate 2. Send both .ovpn12 and .ovpn files to an e-mail which is accessible from the iOS device in use, then open the e-mail from the same device. Look for the attachments and tap on Tap to Download to download both files. 3. Tap on .ovpn12 file. 4. Tap on Copy to OpenVPN. 5. Tap on ADD under .ovpn12 file … How to configure QNAP 4.2.1 NAS? | NordVPN Customer Support Open the File Station on your QNAP, navigate to the /Download/ directory and create a new folder named "VPN" by clicking the "+" sign at the top of the window. You should now move the created .ovpn file (in our case, and nordvpnpass.txt file you have created to this directory. 4. How to connect to OpenVPN server via .ovpn configuration file? Jan 14, 2019

Rename the OpenVPN configuration file from ‘openvpn.ovpn’ to ‘CG_USA.ovpn’. (If you need to address a single server instead of a country in general, you are to edit the OVPN file and exchange the pre-configured server address line. Choose the next country, e.g. Romania; Download the next zipped configuration file

Oct 04, 2019 Edit or Examine an OpenVPN Configuration File Click to select the configuration whose OpenVPN configuration file you wish to edit. Click on the little "gear" icon at the bottom of the list of configurations. If you see "Edit OpenVPN Configuration File..", click on it and skip to step 11. Click "Make Configuration Private" … Creating the config Files > How to Configure OpenVPN

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The file you download is called client.ovpn. Save the file to a location on your computer. Send the file as an email file attachment to the mobile user. Import the Client Profile. To import a client profile to an Android or iOS device: Install the OpenVPN Connect app. Open the email message that contains the .ovpn email attachment. Connect to VPN Gate by Using OpenVPN Protocol