command line - How to use ifconfig to show active

Jan 16, 2020 · ipconfig / all. This option displays the same IP addressing information for each adapter as a default option. In addition, it displays the DNS and WINS settings for each adapter. ipconfig / all ipconfig / release. You can release addresses for all connections with the appropriate name, for example, “Wired Ethernet 1” or “Wired Ethernet 2”. C:\> ipconfig /all. Release and Renew all adapters: ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew. Release and Renew all adapters - one liner for remote use: ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew. Renew any connection that has a name starting with EL: ipconfig /renew EL* Release all connections matching *Con*, eg. Many Linux distributions have deprecated the use of ifconfig and route in favor of the software suite iproute2, such as ArchLinux or RHEL since version 7, which has been available since 1999 for Linux 2.2. iproute2 includes support for all common functions of ifconfig(8), route(8), arp(8) and netstat(1). It also includes multicast configuration

ipconfig shows things like hostname, DNS servers, those are in a different place than just IP addresses in linux, so you will need a couple of commands. hostname ifconfig -a cat /etc/resolv.conf That shows what I want to see 99% of the time, but ipconfig /all also shows things like DHCP lease times and servers. ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility

ipconfig -all. To post the output in a Forum or Notepad, right click on the Command Prompt Window and choose Select All, then press Enter, open up Notepad or go to your Post from the Forum right click on it and choose Paste. If you would like a text file output.

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