Hide Author Name and Date on Blogger. There are two ways to remove Author Name and Date because sometimes the first method won't work on some templates. Removing Author Name and Date in Layout Page. 1. Go to your blogger dashboard. 2.Locate the Layout Page, then locate the main post in your layout page and click edit.

How to Remove Blogger Page Title - TechTrickHome Jan 22, 2013 PB122: Should You Blog Anonymously or Use Your Real Name You don’t hide your name. You don’t hide who you are, but you don’t really make the vlog about you, you don’t really promote your name. If you go to Digital Photography School, you’ll see every blogpost that I’ve written as a By line with my name on it. I think the About page has my name …

May 18, 2017

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Hide / Remove Post Date, Time And Author Name In Blogger

I've tried to bump my template down a bit so that the title jpg is under the bar, but it still cuts off the top of the picture. I've tried some suggestions from blogger and a few other places, like changing the margins, but then part of my template code will show up between the navbar and the top of my jpg picture. How to hide author Name in blogger post with simple steps Hide author name in blogger post have both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is, you can work like anonymous, No one does not want to know about your profile. The disadvantage of hiding author name is google adsense does not approve, the blog does not have author name. ok, anyhow in this tutorial we are going to see how to hide author How to Hide Sidebar on Certain Pages in Blogger | Blogger Book